Embedded Vision: Which standards are necessary to prepare the sector for the future?


The advent of smartphones and tablet computers has driven the rapid development of embedded systems with video capture and processing capabilities. The combination of high bandwidth, significant processing power, low energy consumption, and miniaturization makes these technologies particularly interesting to Machine Vision and Factory Automation.

The international G3 initiative on standardization and its members AIA, CMVU, EMVA, JIIA and VDMA Machine Vision launched a study group on Embedded System standards to evaluate requirements, to identify technological candidates, and to describe possible implementation concepts for machine vision standards for embedded systems.

Organised by VDMA Machine Vision and under the lead of Klaus-Henning Noffz, CEO of Silicon Software and VDMA Machine Vision Board member, the study group looked into the topic over the summer.

Information was gathered in meetings and phone conferences with representatives of MIPI, OPC UA, Gen<I>Cam, and Industry 4.0.

Results of the study group were presented and discussed in October at the G3 Future Standards Forum and are summarized in a report, which is available for all G3 members and its members.


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Wendel, Anne
Wendel, Anne
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